Civil Litigation

Not All Lawyers Are Equal

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties that seek damages and/or other remedies beyond criminal charges. The case is presented at a trial where plaintiffs seek compensation or other damages. While many law firms are eager to take your business — beware, not all lawyers are the same.


You need an experienced attorney with a thorough knowledge of the civil litigation process and the court system to get the best results. At Itzkowitz Law, our expertise extends to all kinds of civil litigation:

•  Breach of Contract                        •  Investment Disputes

•  Business Disputes                         •  Landlord / Tenant Disputes

•  Commercial Disputes                   •  Negligence Lawsuits / Negligent Hiring or Security

•  Contract Disputes                         •  Personal Injury Lawsuits

•  Hotel Assaults                                •  Premises Liability

•  Insurance Bad Faith Litigation     •  Real Estate Disputes

•  Intentional Torts

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