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Most People Don’t Realize How Many Different Places They Can Get Injured

One minute you’re out enjoying yourself and the next something suddenly goes wrong and you’re injured. For the personal attention and legal expertise you need, turn to Itzkowitz Law. We know how to take on the big insurance companies and win.


You may not know it, but our state imposes a duty on hotels and resorts to protect guests and keep them safe. The law requires they maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. When they fail to do so, they can be held liable. And that’s where we come in.


Itzkowitz Law has come to the aid of many people who’ve been injured from common and not-so-common accidents:

•  Slip & falls                                   •  Unsafe elevators

•  Negligent housekeeping          •  Fires

•  Bus or shuttle accidents            •  Damaged carpeting

Our expertise extends to litigating matters you probably have not considered:

•  Were the premises properly lit?

•  Were the stairs built in compliance with local building codes?

•  Did the hotel fail to place proper warning signs?

It takes specialized knowledge and extensive investigative work to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.


Besides the usual slip and falls, food poisoning, assaults, and thefts, many people are surprised to learn they can receive compensation for:

  • Food allergy reactions

  • Exceeding establishment’s capacity limit

  • Negligent security: lack of bodyguards, lack of security cameras, or unlocked or unsecured doors

  • Over-serving alcohol/serving to a minor

There are two instances where you can sue a bar or nightclub when serving alcohol. The first is if you’re injured because they served a minor (under age 21). Secondly, you can sue for damages if you’re injured by someone who’s a ‘habitual’ alcoholic. Florida law is nuanced in that it doesn’t create a liability against an obviously intoxicated person — that person must be a habitual drunk.


In almost all cases, the establishment will deny any liability, but we understand the intricacies of the law. If and when accidents happen and you get injured or sick...we’re here to fight for you.


When you’re visiting a retailer or grocery store, the law requires that the environment is safe and secure. All too often they fail to maintain, repair, and provide security to save a few bucks. So accidents do occur from some unlikely events:

  • Falls due to cracked pavement in parking lots, poor landscaping, or spilled drinks

  • Unsecured electrical cords

  • Faulty escalators or elevators

  • Assaults, thefts, and muggings in darkly lit hallways

  • Falling signs, boxes, or merchandise


  • Parking lot accidents due to poor signage, overhanging trees, or lack of parking supervision


  • Slip and falls from improper course maintenance, cracked walkways, and improper landscaping

At Itzkowitz Law, we know the ins and outs of every possible scenario. And we’re ready to go to bat for you.


Sometimes the perfect day of fun can go horribly wrong. When you visit an amusement park, the last thing you think about is being injured. But every day, people are injured in ways you’d never imagine:

  • Operator Error: Failure to leave enough space between riders or properly restrain them or stopping rides abruptly causing harm.

  • Collisions: Occurring with other cars, patrons, walls, ride tracks and structures.


  • Defective Machinery: Failure to maintain rides safely, allowing corrosion that leads to malfunctions and accidents.

  • Ride Ejections: Falling out of rides, swings, slides or being thrown from inflatable devices.

  • Defective Design: Even with built-in safety features, some rides are inherently dangerous due to improper design.


  • Failure to Secure: Unsafe barriers or failure to block off dangerous areas.

  • Failure to Warn: Didn’t provide proper notices of height requirements or health warnings and failure to oversee adherence to warnings.

Most times, it’s a combination of errors that are the cause of an accident. That’s why you need an experienced attorney who knows all the possible issues and won’t just advocate but investigate for you. Experience, personalized attention and dedication are paramount when it comes to pursuing liability for these types of accidents. And that’s what Itzkowitz Law proudly offers you.


Florida is home to some of the most beautiful golf courses in the country. But accidents do happen. Accidents may be caused by the club’s failure to maintain the premises or failure to take the proper measures to provide a safe environment for their members and guests.


The most common injuries occur as a result of:

  • Being struck by a golf ball or golf club

  • Golf cart accidents


  • Slip and falls from improper course maintenance, cracked walkways, and improper landscaping

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