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Every hotel is responsible for fire safety

On Behalf of | May 26, 2024 | PERSONAL INJURY - Personal Injury

All hotel operators bear an obligation to keep their guests safe from fires. When they ignore this responsibility, they place everyone in great peril.

Individuals in charge must do everything they can to lower the odds of a blaze and ensure a quick, safe response if one does occur.

Having fire detection systems

All properties need smoke detectors and fire alarms throughout. In hotels, these devices must be in guest rooms, hallways and common areas. Regular testing and battery replacement are necessary. Otherwise, units may not function as one would expect.

Ensuring obvious and accessible emergency exits

Hotels should have illuminated exit signs and escape paths that are clear and free of obstructions. Fire safety codes require that evacuation plans hang in guest rooms and common areas. Otherwise, guests may need help recognizing the quickest escape routes during a crisis.

Installing fire suppression systems

Every hotel needs sprinkler systems. Hoteliers ought to conduct regular inspections to ensure they are operating correctly. Fire extinguishers should be in easily accessible locations. Additionally, it is beneficial to provide hotel workers with training on proper usage.

Conducting fire safety inspections

Routine safety inspections help identify and address potential fire hazards. Hotels must regularly examine electrical components and heating equipment. Ensuring everything is in safe, working order prevents faulty equipment or wiring from sparking a fire.

By taking these measures, hotels create a safer environment for everyone. If someone experiences a burn or other injury because those in charge chose to ignore such protocols, serious compensation is appropriate.