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Semi trucks are in their own weight class. In boxing, for example, weight class matters. When two fighters are in a bout – generally speaking – the larger, heavier one will do far more damage to the other. This principle applies directly to sharing the roads with commercial vehicles and their potential for accidents. When trucks and cars collide, the cars – and their occupants – take the bulk of the hit.

At Itzkowitz Law, our award-winning attorneys have a great deal of experience helping injury victims throughout the Tampa area get compensation after a devastating accident. We are passionate about helping you and your loved ones after you’ve suffered the horror of a serious crash. However, you should know that pursuing compensation for the often severe injuries of a semi-truck accident is extremely difficult. There are many obstacles in your way, but we will persevere in the face of these challenges.

What Makes A Truck Accident Case So Challenging?

There are three factors that make the pursuit of compensation in truck accident cases so challenging. Our lawyers are familiar with all of them, and we know how to navigate them to secure compensation for our clients.

1. The Devastating Nature Of The Injuries

The first is simply the severity of the injuries you suffer. Commercial truck accident injuries are among the most severe, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage and, often, a loss of life. The extent of the injuries and the damages available are difficult to calculate. Our lawyers know how to translate these injuries – and their impact on your life – into provable damages.

2. The Complexity Of Holding The Right Parties Accountable

The second factor that makes these cases difficult is simply finding the responsible party. Often, in truck accidents, the responsibility may spread among many possible parties, such as:

  • The truck driver
  • The truck owner
  • The trucking company (if the driver is not an independent contractor)
  • The company that loaded the truck
  • The maintenance company
  • The truck manufacturer

Discovering which one of the above holds ultimate responsibility for your pain is difficult. It requires a thorough investigation and, in many cases, the involvement of experts. You can rely on our team to find the responsible parties and pursue justice for you.

3. The Unlevel Playing Field

The challenging nature of truck accident cases is made worse by the final factor: the highly trained legal opposition. No matter the responsible party or the extent of your injuries, you will face an experienced, aggressive legal team that does not wish to pay any compensation at all. Multiple businesses and insurance companies may be involved. All of them may have strong lawyers on their side.

When you’re up against such a hard-hitting legal team, you need equally capable lawyers on your side. We can be that team. Our lawyers have the perseverance and skill to pursue your claims as far as necessary, including in court.

We’re In It For The Long Haul

We make a commitment to you and your case when you come to us. Our attorneys have the experience and legal know-how to pursue your case in Florida’s courts and fight for the fair compensation you deserve. We won’t back down in the face of tough opposition. We care about justice, and we care about you.

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