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At Itzkowitz Law, PLLC, we represent those who have been injured due to the faults of others – resulting in spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, extremity fractures, soft tissue injuries or even pain from bruising. The cases we handle include:

You’ll Connect With A Real Lawyer, Not A Case Manager

If you call other firms, you may think you’re speaking to an actual attorney. But in reality, you may be dealing with a case manager or a paralegal who has no formal degree or training and whose skill level is not up to snuff. Your lawyer may not even speak to you or review your file until months into the case. Even worse, that lawyer is often not the one you see on the billboard or the one who will represent you in court.

While many firms advertise themselves as personal injury attorneys, the fact is that they may only dabble in it. It’s not their specialty.

Don’t Get Suckered By Those Big-Dollar Settlements You See On TV

It’s easy to get sucked in by those huge settlement numbers. But don’t be fooled. They mean absolutely nothing. Many times, you don’t get anything close to the amount of the settlement.

Here’s why: The law firm gets a fee for its services. But you are on the hook for unresolved medical bills, court costs and liens. Many times, claimants end up with a measly 5% to 10% of the judgment. But, of course, the law firm continues to advertise the huge settlement dollars.

At Itzkowitz Law, we’re only concerned with how much goes into your pocket. And we have no upfront fees, so we only get paid when you do.

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