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Why Us?

Itzkowitz Law serves the state of Florida with excellence and expertise in personal injury, business law and civil litigation cases. While we’re boutique by design, we offer unparalleled service second to none and fight for you every step of the way. And unlike big law firms where your case can be in court for years, we combine experience, zealous advocacy, and expertise to resolve your case faster.

4 Ways We Stand Above The Rest

Talk to most people and they’ll tell you that a law firm is a law firm. Some are bigger, some are smaller, but basically, they’re all the same. But that’s not true. And if you’re injured in an accident or have a business dispute, that perception can cost you. Many times, it’s the difference between losing and winning.

At Itzkowitz Law, we stand out from all the other law firms in 4 critical ways:

1. Experience/Expertise: Many firms just dabble in personal injury, business and civil litigation. But they’re our specialty — the only cases we handle. We’re zealous advocates who understand the intricacies of Florida law and we boast an impressive track record second to none.


2. Gravitas: Over the years, Itzkowitz Law has developed a reputation for gravitas — a combination of authenticity and integrity that’s earned us the trust and respect of our peers and our clients. There’s no better reason why you’d want us to be by your side.


3. Personal Service: Many law firms talk about personal service. But many times, you end up dealing with a case manager or paralegal. But not with us. From your first call to the day we close your file, you’ll deal with an experienced attorney who’s available to you 24/7. 


4. Community Ties: It‘s often overlooked, but having deep ties to the community is very important. We love our citizens and strive to serve them to the best of our ability each and every day.

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Find Out What Your Case Is Worth For FREE!
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