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Protecting Families Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an ugly reality, that needs to be taken seriously and dealt with swiftly. In many cases, the best form of defending yourself and your family is in the form of securing a restraining or protective order known as an Injunction Against Domestic Violence. These orders are often necessary to keep abusive people away from you and your children, and you may need help getting such an injunction.   Unfortunately, you may be dealing with false claims of domestic violence against you by a partner seeking some legal “advantage,” which could have long-lasting negative impacts on your life and career.  You should never defend yourself against such an injunction without legal counsel.

At Itzkowitz Law, PLLC, we help clients throughout the Lutz area with their family law needs. We know every corner of the Florida family law system, including how to obtain a restraining or protective order to shield yourself from domestic violence, as well as how to defend yourself from false or frivolous claims, and how to navigate between the domestic violence court system and the divorce court. We understand the gravity of these situations, so we provide our clients with the compassion and respect they deserve with all of their family law needs.

What You Should Know About These Orders

Protective or restraining orders are court orders issued on both a temporary basis and a permanent basis (after a hearing) to protect someone from violence. These orders can restrict the actions someone can take toward you, including limiting how close your abuser can get to you and your children, what kind of contact they can have with you, and even if they can follow your social media accounts.

To qualify for one of these orders, you will need to prove its necessity to a judge, by establishing evidence such as:

  • Any threats, harassment, abuse or stalking the respondent has made against you
  • If the respondent has threatened to harm, conceal or kidnap your child
  • If there is a criminal history of violence by the respondent
  • If there were other protective orders against the respondent
  • If the respondent has ever threatened you with weapons

By establishing these and other factors in your case, we can help you pursue the legal protection you need against whoever may be abusing you or your family.

Defending Against These Orders

Because of our extensive experience in these cases, we understand how damaging a restraining order that results from false accusations can be, which is why we also offer our services in defending clients in these cases as well. A restraining order on your record can keep you from seeing your children in the future, and can affect your job and reputation, which is why we will fight for you to uphold the truth in your case.

Our Experience Can Be Your Advantage

If you are ready to meet with a legal team you can depend on throughout your pursuit or defense against a restraining order, allow us to stand up for you. Call 813-461-6600 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.