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Caution: Slippery Surfaces Ahead

Slip-and-fall accidents aren’t minor. They may seem like they shouldn’t be a big deal, but the fact is serious injuries can happen after any fall. These injuries lead to complications and long-lasting bills. You deserve help getting compensation in these cases.

At Itzkowitz Law, our team has a unique history with these cases. Attorney Itzkowitz has an extensive personal history working in the hospitality industry and knows the intricacies of these cases. He’s seen the other side, but now he pursues compensation for injured people across Tampa with zeal and compassion.

Where Do Slip-And-Falls Happen

A slip-and-fall can happen literally anywhere. Wherever people are, and wherever there are possible hazards that can cause a slip or a trip, there’s potential for a slip-and-fall. We have helped clients who have had accidents in such places as:

  • Amusement parks: Tampa and the rest of Florida have many amusement parks with a great deal of potential for accidents
  • Personal residences: A friend or family member’s house can come with some hazards that you deserve a warning over.
  • Golf courses: Between sprinkler systems and Florida’s sudden rainstorms, there is often significant potential for hazards.
  • Public buildings: As much as any place, a public building has frequent maintenance needs that can create obstacles and hazards.
  • Retail and grocery stores: The classic scenario for a slip-and-fall includes grocery stores with unmarked, recently mopped floors.
  • Sidewalks and roadways: There are many maintenance and daily upkeep tasks that go into keeping public walkways clear and safe.
  • Hotels, bars and restaurants: As mentioned, these accidents are very common and our firm has significant experience with them.

Wherever you were hurt, you deserve the attention of trained, determined lawyers working hard to get you fair compensation.

Strict Liability In Dog Bite Cases

In Florida, dog owners are held strictly liable for any damages caused by a dog bite. This includes not just bites that happen on public property – but also bites that happen on private property if the person who was bitten was on the property legally. The dog’s personal history does not matter. If a dog bites you, their owner is responsible for the attack. We can help.

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