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Addressing Changes After Your Divorce

After going through what seemed to be an endless amount of litigation or negotiation to resolve your divorce, it can be hard to imagine changing the divorce agreement you worked so hard to establish. Despite our best efforts, life can change in unexpected ways, and the terms of your divorce may need to change with it.

At Itzkowitz Law, PLLC, we help clients with all matters of family law, including the issues of divorce modifications and relocation. From our Lutz office, we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs in their legal situation to develop a personalized plan for each of them. Whether you need to change the terms of your divorce or you want to protect them from being changed, we can act as your advocate through the process.

When Life Calls For Change

An ex-spouse cannot change their divorce agreement on a whim or without a significant reason. Before an ex-spouse can modify the alimony, child support, time-sharing, or other parenting responsibilities after a final judgment is issued, they need to have a sufficient reason, such as:

  • An involuntary change in career
  • Major health issue of a parent
  • Getting remarried or co-habitation status changes
  • An ex-spouse struggling with addiction
  • A child turns 18, or their medical needs change

In addition to changing the details of the divorce, you or your ex-spouse may want to relocate to an area far away, due to any of the reasons above or other valid reasons.

We are prepared to develop a custom-tailored strategy to represent your side in family law matters to either protect or modify the details of your divorce. We understand how important the outcome of these cases are, which is why we will remain in constant contact with you about what we are doing for you, how we expect this issue to resolve, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Your Planning Starts Here

When you need a plan to change time-sharing, alimony, child support or other aspects of your divorce or paternity judgment due to important or unexpected changes in life, or you want to keep things the way they are for the sake of yourself and your children, do not go through it alone. Instead, call us at 813-461-6600 or email us here to schedule your free initial consultation today.