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Injured In An Accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Firm News

The Dirty Little Secret About Big Money Settlements

You see the ads on television all the time: Giant law firms settling accident cases for big money.

Like most people, you probably assume that the law firms gets one-third and the injured party gets two-thirds.

Not so fast!

There’s a dirty little secret about those payouts that law firms don’t want you to know. In many cases, the bulk of it ends up in their pocket. Not yours.

Let me explain. Let’s say you’re in a car accident and the law firm settles the case for $25,000. Which mean $8,000 goes to your lawyer. And you pocket 2/3 or $16,000.

But here’s what they won’t tell you. Medical bills and liens get paid first –- before a dime goes to you.

So you may end up with a measly $5,000. So your attorney actually gets more than you do. And even worse, he gets to advertise the BIG MONEY SETTLEMENT which only looks good on paper.

Or consider this: In many cases, the law firm won’t tell you that the insurance policy is for $25,000. Which means you have to go collect it from somebody who might be homeless! Good luck with that.

Here’s the bottom line: When it comes to settlements, Itzkowitz Law is only concerned with what YOU POCKET.

So if you’re injured in a car accident, amusement park, hotel, restaurant, retail store or nightclub…call 813-461-6600 or Contact Us at

We’ll work hard to get you the maximum payout you can get. That’s our promise and commitment to you. Because it’s as personal to us as it is to you.

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