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Can my business mandate my employees to receive a COVID-19 Vaccination?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2021 | Auto Accidents

Can my business mandate my employees to receive a COVID-19 Vaccination? The COVID-19 vaccine is finally available in the United States. Of course, to be truly effective, a large percentage of the population must be willing to receive it.

Some people may not have a choice, however. Businesses all around the country are considering whether to make vaccines mandatory for their employees. Employers wanting to avoid public safety problems and liability issues may see a huge benefit to requiring all employees to be vaccinated.

The choice of a business to mandate employee vaccinations are often done for safety reasons as well as good publicity. With some exceptions, employers have the legal right to require that their employees receive a COVID-19 vaccination. In general, though, all employers have the right to establish their own policies and requirements for the health and safety of their employees, customers, and workplaces. These standards must be necessary to the nature of the business.

The exceptions include, but are not limited to, obligating those who have underlying health conditions or are pregnant, for example. Additionally, some employees may be exempt from mandatory employee vaccinations due to religious beliefs.

The laws surrounding employment and other business-related matters are often changing, and it is advised you obtain legal counsel to help you and your business with these important decisions and legal questions. Should you have questions related to these issues or any issues related to legalities within your business, please contact us at 813-461-6600 for a free consultation.

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