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5 Things Insurance Companies Look For When You File A Personal Injury Claim In Seminole

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Auto Accidents

While every accident is different, there are certain key factors that the insurance company will investigate when determining the value of your claim.

1. When did you seek medical care?

Did you go to an urgent care facility or to the ER right after the accident…or did you wait a few days or weeks? If you didn’t get treatment immediately after your Seminole car accident, the insurance company will argue that you weren’t severely injured and, therefore, your claim is worth a lot less.

2. What are your medical bills?

These are called your “out-of-pocket” expenses. The insurance company will try to have it both ways, arguing that if your medical bills are low, you weren’t really hurt badly. If, however, the bills are high, they’ll say you were over-treated. The point is, you need an experienced Seminole car accident attorney at your side, or else the insurance company will offer you a settlement that may not even cover your medical expenses, much less your pain and suffering.

3. What’s your property damage?

The common insurance company argument is called “causation.” In other words…were your injuries caused by the accident? In a low-impact car accident in Seminole, they’ll say that it couldn’t have caused extensive injuries. But this is not true. An experienced Seminole car accident attorney will be able to successfully argue that even low-impact accidents can result in horrific injuries. And you deserve fair compensation.

4. What about future medical expenses and future damages?

Sadly, many injuries from a car accident are permanent. Your attorney will calculate this properly so you can be compensated for your ongoing medical expenses. Oftentimes, Seminole car accident attorneys will hire an expert to help calculate one’s future medical bills and future damages, such as loss of wages.

5. Were you able to file a lawsuit?

This may seem like a strange question, but lawsuits cost the insurance companies money. So they’ll look at your ability and/or your attorney’s ability to file a lawsuit. In order for you to get maximum compensation, you have to prepare each case as though you’re ready to go full steam ahead.

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