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7 Ways To Help You Prove Your Car Accident Case In Largo, FL

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2022 | Auto Accidents

You’re suddenly in a car accident in Largo, Florida. Besides the damage to your car and possible bodily injuries, you are forced to deal with an insurance company whose only mission is to give you as little compensation as possible. So how do you get what you deserve?

Here are 7 steps that’ll help:

  1. Photos & Videos: Take as many photos and videos from the accident scene as possible. Take pictures of the surrounding areas, the vehicles involved in the accident, and any other thing that you deem relevant. Even after the accident scene, take photos of your vehicle damage, as well as any bruises or scratches you may have. This will help determine who caused the accident and how much damage there really is.
  2. Medical Records: Treat as early as possible, and request records from your doctor or treating physician. These will prove injuries and show what future treatments may be necessary.
  3. Medical Bills and Receipts: What your out-of-pocket costs are now and in the future are very important to prove your damages. Thus, keep all receipts and bills.
  4. Property Damage Estimates: Show how severe the impact was — and the more severe it is, the easier it is to prove your injuries were the direct result of the crash. Furthermore, as top-rated car accident attorneys in Largo, Florida, we help our clients with property damage claims related to car accidents in Largo. Property damage estimates may help us prove your car diminished in value, or that the insurance carrier did not properly repair your vehicle.
  5. Eyewitnesses: Non-biased third-party witnesses help explain exactly how the accident unfolded and will help prove liability.
  6. : They can help prove your claim by explaining everything from reconstructing the accident to the medical diagnosis and causation. As car accident attorneys in Largo, we regularly retain experts to help our clients prosecute their cases.
  7. Work Loss Records: This shows the number of days you missed work and the loss of wages. Keep a ledger of how many hours or days you worked due to injuries related to the accident or time off needed to treat at a medical facility. Paystubs and doctor’s notes that state you should not work for a period of time aid in compensating you for your damages.


So if you’re injured in a Largo car accident, Itzkowitz Law will be with you every step of the way to make sure you get the maximum compensation.

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