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What are the rules for naming a corporation?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | BUSINESS & COMMERCIAL LAW - Business & Commercial Law

Choosing the name of your business can be a tedious process. You know you want something unique and that stands out. It should distinguish you from competitors while also giving customers a sense of what you offer.

The process also requires ensuring you abide by the law pertaining to naming a corporation.

What you must do with your name

Florida law does dictate that when you name a corporation, the name must include an indicator that you are incorporated. You might add Co., Inc. or Corp. to the name or include the full terms corporation or incorporated. Whatever your choice, just make sure you include this as part of the formal name of your business.

Your name must be distinct and not too similar to the name of an existing business. It should be easy for customers to see your name and know it is your business.

What you cannot do

Your business name cannot include certain language, and it cannot make your company seem like it is a government entity. You also cannot use the name of another business and make a simple change, such as adding an article or suffix or making punctuation changes, such as changing the word “and” to the & symbol.

You also should not choose a name that could confuse people about its purpose. For example, if you help with debt relief, your name should not make people think you offer loans.

Naming a business can be tricky, but when you are creating a corporation, you have to follow Florida law. Missteps could lead to a denial of your chosen name.