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Signs of a serious eye injury

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2023 | PERSONAL INJURY - Personal Injury

National Library of Medicine published a report that about 1.5 million Americans have visual impairment due to an eye injury. The eyes are invaluable and complex organs that provide people with a window to the world.

Swiftly identifying the signs of an eye injury is of utmost importance. Neglecting to treat an eye injury promptly can lead to lasting problems, potentially including the loss of vision.

Pain and discomfort

One of the most common signs of an eye injury is pain or discomfort around the eye. This pain can vary in intensity.

Redness and swelling

Redness and swelling around the eye are additional indications of an eye injury, typically coinciding with discomfort or pain.

Changes in vision

Sudden changes in vision, such as blurred vision, double vision or vision loss, could be a sign of underlying issues with the eye.

Bloodshot eyes

Bloodshot eyes can act as a sign of an eye injury, particularly if the individual also suffers from discomfort or changes in their vision.


Photophobia is an increased sensitivity to light. If a person finds their eyes are overly sensitive to light and experiences discomfort in bright environments, it could be indicative of an eye issue.

Foreign object sensation

The sensation of a foreign object in the eye can result from the presence of an actual foreign body or a corneal abrasion. It is important to be aware that rubbing the eye under these circumstances can exacerbate the injury.

Tearing and excessive eye discharge

Augmented lacrimation and ocular discharge warrant attention. Profuse tearing might be a response to irritation or injury.

Eye discoloration

Unusual discoloration of the white part of the eye, the sclera, or the eyelid is another important sign something is wrong. Bruising, red or yellow patches or discoloration can indicate an injury.

Eye lacerations

In cases of significant trauma, eye lacerations can happen. Signs of an eye laceration encompass noticeable cuts, bleeding or torn eyelid tissue. Urgent medical care is imperative in such situations.

Decreased eye movement

Restricted or painful eye movement is a cause for concern. It becomes even more critical from a medical standpoint if the individual also suffers from double vision or noticeable swelling.

Pupil irregularities

Any alteration in the size or shape of the pupils or any difference between the two eyes necessitates immediate medical attention, as it could indicate a more serious eye injury.

Recognizing the signs of an eye injury is the best way to ensure timely medical attention to prevent potential complications. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should consult a medical professional for proper evaluation and treatment.