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Car Accident In Palm Harbor? What You MUST DO & NOT DO…

Updated: Jun 8

WHAM! You’ve just been hit by another car. A million thoughts race through your mind.

Here’s what you MUST DO immediately after your car accident:

  1. DO take a moment to calm yourself

  2. DO call the police so they can issue a report

  3. DO take photos of the accident scene, the vehicles, and other relevant details

Here’s what you should NEVER DO immediately after your car accident:

  1. DON’T contact the at-fault driver’s insurance company before you speak with a Clearwater accident attorney. However, if you happen to do so, NEVER discuss the extent of your injuries.

  2. DON’T post anything about the accident on social media.

  3. DON’T accept any settlement offer from the insurance company without guidance from experienced and top-rated Clearwater Car Accident Attorneys like us at Itzkowitz Law.

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